Integrated River Basin Water Management

Technology solution for integrated river basin water management

What is the technology of integrated river basin water management

The integrated water management technology was developed to respond to climate changes. By managing water use, water circulation, and water resources in the integration of river basins each of which was managed separately, it is possible to save energy and resources and contribute to changing to low carbon system. The realization of the technology is a path to Green New Deal.

Cheongho Environment Development’s technology solution for integrated river basin management

Urban area = LID & GI

Agricultural Area

유역통합물관리 기술솔루션맵

Technology solution for river basin water management

LID technology

to create a smart city

Rapid urbanization and industrialization impedes water circulation. This Low Impact Development Technology for the revival of water circulation ecosystem is aimed at making underground water recharge in urban areas, removing non-contact pollutants of initial rainwater in urban areas, reducing heat islands effect in cities, and improving urban images and landscape.

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EADS Since each switch

EADS based subsurface flow wetland to treat non-point pollutants in rural river basins

As the first green certification technology for wetlands, it is excellent at removing phosphorous through porous ceramic carriers, supports motorless unmanned operation, and responds to load regulation flexibly. Since its T-P and SS treatment efficiency is over 80%, its wetlands are compact, compared to surface flow wetlands.

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Low energy Eco-friendly Sewage treatment

Technology (LEST) for farming and fishing villages

Compared to a conventional small-sized sewage treatment facility, it requires low energy based on nature circulation sewage treatment, and reaches 10% energy consumption. So, it is a low-carbon sewage treatment technology.

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