Urban Water Circulation

Module-type Infiltration Chamber


Technological factor to reduce rainfall runoff and cultivating groundwater through underground penetration of rainwater by embedding modular infiltration troughs around trees and shrubs

Modular penetrant

Schematic diagram of modular penetration tube

Modular Penetrator Components

Features and Benefits

  • Peak flow reduction, peak time delay
  • Prevention of floating of street trees
  • Improving the growth environment and maintaining smooth tree growth due to underground irrigation
  • Pedestrian safety threat / Resolving cause of inconvenience

Inspection and maintenance

  • Maintenance by preventing clogging that causes functional deterioration (surface / contaminant cleaning)
  • Clean and replace rainwater-retaining stones by regularly removing modular infiltration tanks

Processing efficiency

BOD T-N T-P Runoff reduction(Q) TSS Etc
53% 40~60%
50~65% 80~100% Zn 80~100%
Pb 80~100%

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Application examples