About Us


Since its foundation in 1994, Cheongho Environmental Development Co., Ltd. has made efforts to improve the environment and quality of life of the land with 28 properties as a water quality environment company.
n particular, since its foundation, it has developed and achieved eight technologies, including 30 patents and 「green certification for trademark applications」, and now it is planning to make a leap forward as a watershed 「integrated property management solution」 company in line with the government's Green New Deal project.To this end, we have obtained green technology certification from low-impact development and natural artificial wetlands, and we intend to complete the commercialization of「LEST small-scale sewage treatment facilities」 that combine small-scale sewage treatment facilities and artificial wetlands to enter overseas markets.
With all the passion and efforts of all employees, we would like to achieve domestic sales of 10 billion won and overseas sales of 3 billion won in 2024, three years later.
Please keep an eye on us and encourage us.

I wish all the customers who visited Cheongho Environment Development Co., Ltd. full of happiness, and I introduce the company's vision and replace the greeting.

Cheongho Environment Development Co. C.E.O Lim Hyung yeop

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