Urban Water Circulation

Infiltration Trench


  • In the form of an open shallow trench, it is classified into infiltration trenches and vegetative waterways depending on the presence or absence of vegetation.
  • Technological element that penetrates into a ditch filled with rainwater
  • An artificial drainage system is unnecessary by maintaining the optimum permeability of moist soil, but facilities can be created in connection with vegetation waterways

Penetration trench

Vegetative water

Features and Benefits

  • Reduction of non-point pollutants
  • Maintaining natural water balance
  • Peak flow reduction, peak time delay

Inspection and maintenance

  • Prevent clogging that causes functional deterioration (cleaning the surface/pretreatment facility) to extend the lifespan of infiltration trenches & vegetation waterways
  • After the rain ends, visually inspect whether drainage and penetration are smooth, and if drainage is poor, perform maintenance such as cleaning perforated pipes and replacing soil/rainwater retention stones

Processing efficiency

BOD T-N T-P Runoff reduction(Q) TSS Etc
77% 40~60%
80~100% Zn 80~100%
Pb 80~100%

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Application examples