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Porous Sand

Porous Sand(porous sand)

Porous Sand(G)
Porous Sand(R)


  • As a sand substitute composed of porous granules, it has excellent moisturizing properties due to pores of various sizes, and also has a high coefficient of resolution, so it is excellent to use a foundation for civil engineering.
  • It can be used as a vegetable soil mixture by maintaining the optimal transmittance speed (13-201 m/m) and can be used in various ways as it can prevent soil from hardening.

Comparison of Permeability between General Sand and Porosity Sand

Porous Sand Characteristics

  • Appropriateness of permeability (permeability coefficient 10-mm/m)
  • Fast drainage with 50% or more porosity
  • Have your own strength and maintain the resolution strength
  • It can be classified by particle and used for various purposes such as gap water permeable packaging and front packaging


  • LID-related
  • Permeability packing
  • Sand filtration

Example of application of porosand

Water permeability packaging

Sand filtration

Porous Sand VS General sand VS Comparative magnification of the duchy of broken stone

Porous sand Sand Broken stone
a 30x
a 500x
a 2000x