Urban Water Circulation

Planter Box


Korea's first green technology certification in LID field!!

  • Certification Number : GT-18-00453
  • Certification details : Tree Box Filter, Pretreatment tank, Vegetation soil for LID (Low Impact Development)
  • Technical name : Non-point pollution source purification technology through wooden filter box with improved pre-treatment function


A facility that uses spaces such as urban green spaces or flower beds to infiltrate and store rainwater during rainfall, and to reduce non-point pollutants on roads through filtering tanks and moistening work.

  • Extrusion

  • Rainwater Flow Chart during Rainfall

Multi-layered green space in connection with street trees and vegetation-type LID facilities

Effect of reducing fine dust from roadside by forming multi-layered street trees by vegetation-type LID facilities

Features and Benefits

  • Prevention of groundwater pollution and protection of vegetation
  • Construction in various configurations and shapes according to site conditions
  • Protects vegetation by quick penetration into the ground and excellent moisture retention, retention and ventilation with a high permeability factor
  • In the pre-treatment tank, a floating material removal network is installed to remove road contaminants and garbage, and contaminated water is purified by the Serapack filled with high-efficiency filter media.
  • After purification of contaminated water such as oil components, heavy metals, and snow removal agents, rainwater runoff flows into the vegetation part


Storm flow chart

Water quality monitoring

Pre-treatment tank monitoring
(initial installation)

Pre-treatment tank monitoring (5 months after installation)

Applied tree species

Ligustrum obtusifolium Siebold & Zucc

Rhododendron indicum

Liriope platyphylla

Korean azalea

Application examples