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Dedicated organization Project Title Year of implementation Host/Participation
Jeonnam Techno Park Improving the process performance of mass production of phosphorous adsorption media 2018.03~2018.12 Host company
Small and Medium Business Administration Development of general-purpose non-point pollution reduction facility using phosphor-adsorbed ceramic tint 2016.09~2017.07 Host company
Korea Industrial Complex Corporation Establishment of high-efficiency phosphorus adsorption media mass production network using red mud and spirited sludge 2016.08~2017.06 Host company
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Development of algae management technology in rivers using river structures 2015.07~2019.03 Host company
Ministry of Environment Development and demonstration of EADS for TP and SS removal in rainfall runoff 2015.07~2018.06 Host company
Environmental Industry Promotion Agency Low Impact Development Device Demonstration Facility 2015.12~2016.12 Host company
Korea Environment Corporation Giheung Reservoir Water Quality Improvement Demonstration Facility Application Plan 2014.01~2014.08 Host company
Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Agency Development of phosphorus adsorption functional ceramic carrier to reduce green algae 2014.07~2015.06 Host company
Gwangju Green Environment Support Center Development of odor removal technology using ultra-light microbial carrier 2013.03~2013.12 Host company
Chonnam National University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation A study on the isolation and use of algae bacteria 2012.11~2015.10 Host company
Ministry of Environment/Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute Alternative expanded lightweight aggregate and lightweight sound-absorbing block manufacturing technology using sewage sludge 2011.11~2013.09 Host company